Friday 08 February – 2019



Moderators Jean-Pierre Becquemin, Hans-Henning Eckstein, Alison Halliday, Piotr Myrcha
08.30 Aneurysms of the carotid arteries: when and how to treat them? Karim Kaouel
08.40 Which asymptomatic patients need an operation, which one don’t? David Calvet
08.50 Not all carotid repairs techniques are the same, what are the best? Martin Storck
09.00 Is local anesthesia really safer for CEA? Hans-Henning Eckstein
09.10 No symptoms after CEA but does the brain remain intact after CEA? Adrien Kaladji
09.20 Summary of carotid rCT comparing CEA and CAS, Alison Halliday
09.30 Which images of the brain should contra indicate surgery? Michel Bartoli
09.40 Urgent CEA for symptomatic patients: when and how? Giovanni TINELLI
09.50 Treatment of intracanial hypertension by sinus stenting, Emmanuel Houdart
10.00 Industry symposium
10.30 Break in the exhibition hall
11.00 Industry symposium
Moderators Jacques Busquet, Raphaël Coscas, Roberto Ferraresi, Peter Schneider
11.30 Zero contrast procedure: how is it possible? Jos Van Den Berg
11.40 Dissection after SFA repair: left alone if not what should be done? Peter Schneider
11.50 Is bare stent an obsolete device in the SFA? Yann Goueffic
12.00 DEB should be used as a first line therapy in the SFA, Koen Keirse
12.10 DES should be used as a first line therapy in the SFA, Frank Vermassen
12.20 Are there objective criteria of choice between DES and DEB? Michael Dake
12.30 ESVS, SVS and WFVS combined guidelines on CLTI, Philippe Kolh
12.40 Industry symposium
13.10 Lunch in the exhibition hall
14.10 Industry symposium
Moderators Eric Allaire, Ali Amin, Eric Ducasse, Maxime Sibé, Jos Van Den Berg
14.40 CFA stenting: crazyness or ahead of time? Koen Deloose
14.50 Hybrid arterialisation of the foot vein in no option CLI patients, Roberto Ferraresi
15.00 Total percutaneous fem pop byspass, Pierre Sarradon
15.10 Techniques to revascularize the foot in diabetic patient, Daniel Brandao
15.20 Covered stent for tasc C and D iliac lesions: the end of surgery? Carlo Pratesi
15.30 Are covered stents for the aorto iliac reconstruction all the same? Sonia Ronchey
15.40 Inflammatory aorto renal disease: what can and should be done? Imed Frikha
15.50 Male impotence and venous leak a major problem to be solved, Eric Allaire
16.10 Break in the exhibition hall
16.40 Industry symposium
Moderators Ludovic Canaud, Jean-Paul De Vries, Antoine Millon, Sonia Ronchey
17.10 Examining the risk of failure after EVAR: large infra renal neck, Hence Verhagen
17.20 Examining risk of failure after EVAR: large common iliac artery, Fabio Verzini
17.30 When can the IFU red line be crossed, if ever? Philippe Cuypers
17.40 Laser fenestration for short or no neck aneurysm, doable but durable? Dominique Fabre
17.50 Is laser fenestration an unsafe procedure? Raphaël Coscas
18.00 How to do chynmey properly: what are the results? Eric Ducasse
18.10 Why do we need proven balloon expandable covered stents? What are the latest in vitro and in vivo findings? Marco Usai
18.20 Open interventions are more and more required for late failed EVAR, Laurent Chiche
18.30 The majority of late failed EVAR can be treated endovascularly, Jean-Pierre Becquemin
18.40 Why ruptured AAA in men are best treated by open repair? Janet Powell
18.50 Rupture AAA are best treated endo: the proofs according to practice, Thomas Larzon
19.00 Latest updates of the AJAX trial, Willem Wisselink
19.10 Compartment syndrome after EVAR: a serious issue, Martin Bjorck
19.20 End of the sessions
Simultaneous translation: Headphones will be available on request (only if a valid ID is presented) when entering the room