Thursday 07 February – 2019


13.45 Welcome address, Jean-Pierre Becquemin, Stéphan Haulon
Moderators Michael Dake, Stéphan Haulon, Tilo Kölbel
14.00 Can we use branched endografts in all aortic arch pathologies? Kakkhee Yeung
14.10 Supra aortic debranching: success and pitfalls, Enrico Cieri
14.20 Surgeon Customized Proximal Scallop: feasibility and safety, Ludovic Canaud
14.30 Company customized proximal scallop: clinical experience, Vincent Riambau
14.40 Total endo repairof the arch: where are we today? Stéphan Haulon
14.50 Arch treatments (ev. Nexus), Mario Lachat
15.00 Numerical stimulation: does it improve the plannig of F EVAR? Jean-Noël Albertini
15.10 Thoraflex hybrid procedures: when? What are the results? Xavier Chaufour
15.20 Marfan syndroms: do they require a specific strategy? Quentin Pellenc
15.30 Industry symposium
16.00 Break in the exhibition hall
16.30 Industry symposium
Moderators Jean-Pierre Becquemin, Colin Bicknell, Frédéric Cochennec
17.00 Type B uncomplicated dissections: many do not need a repair, Rachel Clough
17.10 All type B disssections must be treated urgently, Jean-Marc Alsac
17.20 Acute type B Aortic Dissection with malperfusion: how to manage it? Jonathan Sobocinski
17.30 Thoracic acute hematoma: when and how to intervene? Mohamed Bouayed
17.40 Septectomy, stabilize, or branched stent-graft for chronic dissection: what works best and do they offer a cure? Michael Dake
17.50 Patent false lumen after TEVAR: prognosis and ways to deal with, Nicola Mangialardi
18.00 Type B dissection where and how to land distally? Tilo Kölbel
18.10 Inner versus outer branch for TAAA: design technique and results, Ciro Ferrer
18.20 Endoleak after f/b EVAR: when and how to treat them? Antoine Millon
18.30 Consequences of inflamatory reaction after TEVAR, Christos Liapis
18.40 End of the sessions
Simultaneous translation: Headphones will be available on request (only if a valid ID is presented) when entering the room