Thursday 25 January – 2018


13.45 Welcome address, Jean-Pierre Becquemin, Stéphan Haulon
Moderators Jean-Pierre Becquemin, Colin Bicknell, Michael Dake
14.00 What is new in the arch?
14.00 Different arch branched devices are available, is morphology the main criteria of
choice? Ciro Ferrer
14.10 Open versus endo arch reconstruction in 2018: what is evidence, what is anecdote?
Nick Cheshire
14.20 Technical tips and tricks and results of a PTFE branched graft, Michael Dake
14.30 In situ laser fenestration of the 3 supra aortic trunks: how is it possible? What you need to know, Dominique Fabre
14.40 The vexing issue of stroke during TEVAR in the arch: how frequent, what are the sources and how to prevent? Tilo Kölbel
14.50 Frozen elephant trunk: what have we learned from the French registry, Jean-Philippe Verhoye
15.00 Frozen elephant trunk: the second step, a second challenge, Xavier Chaufour
15.10 Type A dissection: for which patients is endovascular repair realistic and safe? Ludovic Canaud
15.20 Trans-apical percutaneous approach for arch devices: when and how?
Millner Ross
15.30 The prevention of malpractice, avoiding law suits, the sharing of uncertainty, Claude Vaislic
15.40 Industry symposium
16.10 Break in the exhibition hall
16.40 Industry symposium
Moderators Frédéric Cochennec, Stéphan Haulon, Tilo Kölbel
17.10 Taking a new look at aortic diverticula: Kommerell re-visited, Frank Criado
17.20 Endovascular repair of aortic coartaction: for which patients, with which devices?
Mohammed Bouayed
17.30 Presentation sponsored by the Industry, Jean Picquet
17.40 Malperfusion in ATBAD: standard TEVAR or flexible bare stent, Jonathan Sobocinski
17.50 ATBAD: analyzing the false lumen and the origins of visceral arteries are critical, Hervé Rousseau
18.00 How to manage the chronic diseased aorta distal to previous Type A dissection?
Jean-Marc Alsac
18.10 Does false lumen embolisation facilitate aortic remodelling? Quentin Pellenc
18.20 Does TEVAR affect the heart? Christos Liapis
18.30 Aortic infection: successes and limits of the endo approaches, Colin Bicknell
18.40 Spectacular videos from Aortic Live 2017, Tilo Kölbel
19.00 End of the sessions
Simultaneous translation: Headphones will be available on request (only if a valid ID is presented) when entering the room