Friday 26 January – 2018



Moderators Michel Bartoli, Jacques Busquet, Hans-Henning Eckstein, Michael Wholey
08.30 Extra-intracranial bypass and hybrid surgery for the treatment of giant aneurysms, Serguei Malikov
08.40 2000 CAS in 20 years: what have we learned in terms of indications, CPD, type of stents?
Enrico Cieri
08.50 Expertise is key to perform a safe carotid stenting but what is the required level? David Calvet
09.00 Intra operative risk management during asymptomatic carotid repair, Carlo Pratesi
09.10 Why Duplex or Angiography MUST be performed after CEA? Hans-Henning Eckstein
09.20 Diaphragm (web) of the ICA: an underestimated cause of stroke in young people,
Emmanuel Houdart
09.30 Symptomatic near total carotid occlusion: urgent repair or leave it alone?, George Geroulakos
09.40 Mister Clean: the acute stroke rescue tools, Laurent Spelle
09.50 Discussion
10.00 Dealing with adversity: a requirement for success for vascular surgeons and vascular specialists,
Franck Veith
10.10 Discussion
10.20 Industry symposium
10.50 Break in the exhibition hall
Moderators Eric Allaire, Jean-Marc Alsac, Fabio Verzini
Gender, age, fitness and anatomy, new graft: what are the ways to success?
11.20 Golden rules to reduce radiation in the hybrid room, Adrien Hertault
11.30 Why are outcomes for AAA worse in women than men? Janet Powell
11.40 Is EVAS a proper choice in women? Jan Heyligers
11.50 Thinner and thinner: does the next generation endograft compromise durability?
Philippe Cuypers
12.00 Why should you not limit your expertise to a single stent graft? Claude Mialhe
How to promote sac thrombosis?
12.10 Pre or intra operative sac embolization: technique and results, Nicolas Frisch
12.20 Onyx sac filling: how to do it, what are the results? Uriel Sebbag
12.30 New routes to access the aneurysm sac for Type 2 embolization, Tilo Kölbel
12.40 Discussion
12.50 Lunch in the exhibition hall
13.50 Industry symposium
Moderators Ludovic Canaud, Serguei Malikov, Frank Vermassen
14.20 Re-interventions after repair of ruptured AAA, Janet Powel
Unanswered questions regarding the infra renal neck
14.30 How to categorize the infra renal neck properly? Isabelle Van Herzeele
14.40 No or short neck AAA: is open surgery obsolete?
Michel Bartoli
14.50 Which ugly neck can be treated by standard Evar and Aptus, which one can’t?
Jean-Paul De Vries
Jury Members:
Eric Allaire,
Jean-Marc Alsac,
Michel Bartoli,
Ludovic Canaud,
Frédéric Cochennec,
Fabio Verzini

Chimneys, laser, homemade graft, what is the best choice when F EVAR is not available?
15.00 Poor results of chimney technique in France: blame the technique or blame the surgeons? Raphael Coscas
15.10 Ch-EVAS for short neck aneurysm, what are the mid-term results?
Peter Holt
15.20 Laser fenestration: how Padawan became a Jedi! Dominique Fabre
15.30 Homemade F EVAR: are results comparable to industry-customized grafts?
Frédéric Cochennec
Debate: chims or F EVAR?
15.40 The evidence of F EVAR is lacking, chimney is the winner,
Konstantinos Donas
15.50 The evidence of chims are poor, fenestrated grafts are gold standard,
Tara Mastracci
Debate: 3 versus 4 fenestrations
16.00 4 fenestrations kill more patients and are not worthy, Rao Vallabhaneni
16.10 3-4 fenestrations are safer in the long run without compromising the early outcomes, Eric Verhoeven
Debate: access from above during F EVAR
16.20 Access from above: the key for an easy F EVAR! Dominique Midy
16.30 I never use access from above, Stéphan Haulon
16.40 Break in the exhibition hall
Moderators Ionel Droc, Eric Ducasse, Frank Veith
What happens at the iliac level?
17.10 You struggle to get into the fenestration: try a steerable guiding sheath,
Giovanni Pratesi
17.20 Completion cone bean CT is mandatory to assess technical success during
F EVAR, Gustavo Oderich
17.30 Why belonging to a scientific society is so important? Jean Sabatier
17.40 Do large common arteries compromise the long-term results of EVAR?
Nabil Chakfe
17.50 Large common iliac arteries: bell bottom, sandwich, or hypogastric occlusion?
Armando Lobato
18.00 Iliac branch devices: what are the limits, are they durable? Fabio Verzini
AAA Rupture
18.10 Which RAAA patients should be denied intervention and based on what?
Willem Wisselink
18.20 What is the quality of life in patients who survive a rupture? Julien Sfeir
18.30 Erectile dysfunction history: new concept and new hopes, Ronald Virag
18.40 End of the sessions
Simultaneous translation: Headphones will be available on request (only if a valid ID is presented) when entering the room